Words and photos by: ckoThe Snowsports Industry Association tradeshow kicked off Monday with a flurry of new product releases and the much anticipated Armada Moustache Bash. Packing a case of tequila, kegs, an assortment of vodkas, and anything else you can mix with RedBull (including Jager, which I found rather foul but drank anyways), the Armada crew threw it down and sent half of the NS crew to their beds before 11:00. What a pity.

Mr. Bishop in mighty good form.

Iberg takes the easy way out with his motorized transportation.

'staches in full effect.

Harvey with a left-side true nose.

The 1337s unite!

Charles B from Plehouse took full advantage of the open bar(s).

The Clausen, droppin' it like it's hot.