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Words by Jeff Schmuck

Photos by Josh Anderson (http://www.japhotog.com)

Day two of the SIA tradeshow in Las Vegas, Nevada is in the books, and what a day it was. More product, more parties, more fun. The day and night culminated with by far and away the most anticipated event of this year's show, the Snoop Dogg concert presented by Skullcandy at Rain nightclub in the Palms Hotel.

Rain at the Palms Hotel

Simply put...Jimbo Morgan of Skullcandy and Electric is the man. He hooked it up large for our crew with tickets for everyone and VIP status for Doug and I so we could check out the show with many a free drinks in hand from a private booth overlooking the stage. Thanks Jimbo, we love you.

Doug & Jimbo

Snoop threw down as expected, busting out seemingly every hit he's recorded during his many years in the game and when it was all said and done, everyone went home (or to the Hard Rock) with a smile on their face courtesy of the good people at Skullcandy.

Snoop Dogg

Prior to the big show, NS was holding it down all day long getting the shot on both still and video camera (we'll have some videos up soon, so hang tight) in between partying like you have to party in Vegas. The Orage and Moment booths were the place to be yesterday afternoon (however while walking from one to the other the inner metalhead couldn't resist stopping by the Sessions booth for a while to check out Damage Inc, a really, really kick ass Metallica tribute band)...

Damage Inc...Metallica tribute band

as Orage had one of those parties just for the hell of it...

Josh Bryant

Erik Seo

Reed Holmes, Riley Leboe, Fergie Cancade & Ian Cosco

flaired-out earrings...so hot right now. Josh Bibby & Peter Olenick

while Moment had a rather large and rather wild gathering to launch our good friend Cedric Tremblay-Fournier's new pro model ski, The Plank.

Cedric & The Plank

Being that Cedric is a pirate and his ski has pirates all over it, there was no other choice than to have a pirate party...

So while much rum was being consumed and a whole lot of arrrrrggg's were being busted out, a truly special moment came as both Tanner Hall and Glen Plake came to the booth to tell Cedric that they love his ski, love what he does and that he's going to be a legend for many years to come.

Ced & Plake

And just when it couldn't get any better for Cedric, Jason Levinthal from Line (who knows a thing or two about innovative ski design) walked up and told him his ski was one of the best designed skis he'd seen in years. Quite the honor, and you could see in Ced's eyes how much it meant to him.

J-Lev, Cedric & Plake

We managed to capture some of those moments on camera and we'll be dropping a few episodes of NSTV soon with everything you want to see from Vegas and more. But until then, here's a whackload of more photos of 09/10 gear...


Anthony Boronowski



Benchetler & the Bent Chetler

the Blog, the Patent & the Punx

the Punx

the Twins

the Deviant

the Atlas

the Snoop & the Coax

the Heaven N' Hell, the Elysian, the the She Devil & the Bad Kitty


Jimbo Morgan...aka the man.

stay tuned for NSTV: Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas


Under Armour






the Shaman

the Scout & the Pilgrim

the Nomad

the Da'Nollie

High Society

Jason from High Society gazes off towards the bright future of his brand

the FR & the Classic


The lovely Shannon Waterfall shows off the new goods from DNA


Josh Berman puttin in work behind the new Spy's



Angeli VanLaanen models for the new Scott poles

Henrik Lampert


Josh Bibby took us through the new Spyder line in only the way can. Stay tuned for the video in NSTV. Here's CR's pro model suit...

...Bibby's favorite suit

...and his favorite puffy.

and last but definitely not least...Salomon

(left to right) the Shogun (Mark Abma's new promodel), the Czar & the Rocker

the Knight & the Lord

the Dumont

the Suspect

the Threat

the Geisha & the Lady

the Mai Tai

the Vamp



the Magic suit

We noticed a lot of you have been asking about sizing and dimensions but to be straight up, there just aren't enough hours in the day to get everything in our updates and we wouldn't be able to get you them as quickly if we had to bang out all of the information right now. However within the next couple of weeks we're be launching our long-awaited and kick ass gear guide, which will include all the pictures we score here at SIA of 09/10 gear, along with dimensions, sizing and other specifications. So hang tight!

Plake tells like it is...as always.