SHINE ON showcases the immense talent of George Brooks, Eric Clayborn, Gustavo Ballesteros, Sebastian Balogh, Charlie Owens, Andy Partridge, Jose Villalva, Danny Pink, and Alex Appelbe. Alex opens the video with some amazing snowboarding, followed by the others throwing it down on skis.

The filming of SHINE ON took place over two days at the end of May. The video was shot entirely at Mammoth Mountain, with most of the footage coming from their world famous Unbound Terrain Park. There were a lot of amazing skiers and snowboarders out that weekend. It seems like Mammoth is the place to go when all the other resorts have closed for the season.


SHINE ON was filmed and edited by David Meador with additional camera work provided by George Brooks and Alex Appelbe. The main camera used throughout was the Panasonic HVX200. Additional footage was captured with the GoPro HD Hero camera at 60p. The footage from these two cameras worked surprisingly well together.

Most of the videos so far have only included 1 song in the sound track. But this time I decided to take a different route. There are seven different songs in the video; Echoes and Time by Pink Floyd, Guilty Cubicles by Broken Social Scene, Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve, 2 Trees by Foals, Young Blood by The Naked and Famous, and Everyone is Perfect by Jeff?s Holiday.



Technical Mumbo Jumbo

? Editing Program: Final Cut Pro 6

? Color Correction: 3 way color corrector in FCP 6

? Camera: HVX200(main camera), GoPro HD

? Titles: After Effects CS3 inspired by