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Ketchum, ID, January 3rd,

2011 — SCOTT

Sports welcomes Rosalind Groenewoud, otherwise known as Roz-G, to the

International Team on skis, goggles, protection and poles. At just 21 years

young, Roz-G has become a powerhouse in the ski superpipe arena. Roz is no

stranger to the podium with impressive competition results including 1st

Place in the Inaugural Grand Prix Halfpipe, 2nd at the European X

Games, 3rd at the US X Games, and is ranked 2nd in the

AFP Halfpipe Rankings for 2010.  The

Association of Freeskiing Professionals (AFP) also named Roz World Champion as

the #1 Ranked Overall skier (Slope and Pipe) in 2008-09, and 2009-10.

“I'm very excited to be SCOTT’s

first female International Team Athlete representing their skis, goggles,

protection, and poles.  I'm proud to join

the many talented freeskiers on the SCOTT program. I've skied, trained and

competed on the Punisher Jib and skied powder/big mountain terrain on the Mega

Dozer over the past two months. I'm confident that I can continue to push

the progression of my skiing on SCOTT skis.  It is a strong company

with a track record for innovations in all their sports

products.  I'm stoked to have the support from SCOTT!” says Roz.


the time came to add a female skier to our team, Roz was the name that kept

coming to mind. Her huge airs in the pipe and smooth style speak for themselves.

She is a great fit for SCOTT and we are extremely excited to have her as a part

of the team. Roz and Tom leading the way on SCOTT Skis, makes my job easy!” states

Kevin Kruse, SCOTT Sports Wintersport Team Manager.


season Roz will be seen in competitions worldwide including X Games, Dew Tour

and the World Cup. Roz is looking to continue improving and pushing women’s

skiing by competing to the best of her ability in high-profile freeskiing

events. When Halfpipe Skiing hits the Olympics in 2014, you can guarantee Roz

will be there, bringing her SCOTT products along for the ride.


addition to being sponsored by Scott Skis, protection, goggles, and poles, Roz

is also sponsored by Skullcandy, Spyder, Kombi Gloves, Voleurz and Swix Wax.



SCOTT USA, Inc., established in 1958 and

located in Sun Valley, Idaho, is a leading international manufacturer of

premium bike accessories/equipment, motorsport, running, and wintersport