SBC Media filed for bankruptcy in July of last year. Suddenly, and for most of us, unexpectedly, a huge hole was blasted into the Canadian ski media landscape. Out of that shakeup, Jeff Schmuck and Travis Persaud have created something new and beautiful in Forecast Magazine. They’re doing good things with Canadian ski media.

As for SBC, in September, the company was bought by C.J. Graphics, a printing house with more than 25 independent, self-sufficient holdings, and “the new mantle that’s going to be running the SBC titles”. Jay Mandarino, President and C.E.O. of the company, is a philanthropist and author whose forays into action sports include one of the world’s largest not-for-profit indoor skateparks.

Jay Mandarino (on right) and some other guy, not sure.

Chosen to head up this new incarnation of SBC is former editor and photo editor, Jason Mousseau. We spoke with Jason by phone to find out what’s in store for the publication, and his message was pretty clear: “if you grew up with SKIER, you’re going to like the next version just as much.”

“Over the course of 15 years,” Jason said, “[SBC] SKIER has done one thing: stay true to its readers.” Those are, with tongue in cheek, “proud Canadians or Americans that wish they were Canadian.”

Capable hands.

One of the goals with this new project is to “open the door more for long form features … on Canadians, not just professional skiers.” Simplifying the process - just two issues in the first volume - will help to focus the relaunch, Jason says, and guard against oversaturating the market. “There are so many stories that go untold: great stories; sad stories; stories that will make you laugh, make you cry, make you puke;” they’re all out there, and SBC wants to give them voice.

The first issue will be out next fall. “The goal is to give contributors a platform to tell their story in their own voice and through their own lens” To back that up, rather than control SBC’s output, the parent company gives the magazine the “infrastructure and, most importantly, the power to make decisions and do their thing.”

Jason will also be heading up SBC’s Winter Resort Guide, and there’s even talk of introducing a summer edition next year. Snowboard Canada will be returning as well, alongside its sister magazine, the Woman’s Snowboard Annual. The SBC Business magazine will also get new life with an introduction to more ski related stories, gear, and features. It’s no secret that print media is a fickle game, but SBC returns with strong support and capable hands.

Check out some vintage SBC issues below: