S3 Snow Search is back! By popular demand, Push.ca’s S3 Snow Search will return in 2012 in collaboration with K2 and Arnette.

For its second edition, the tour will visit seven resorts throughout Quebec to film and discover the best talents in skiing and snowboarding. Registration is free, and all participants will receive a gift bag.

At each stop, the Push.ca team will set up a video/photo shoot to further share the content with you. The shoot will take place in the snow park, where four one-hour jams will allow you to ride on four different obstacles. Push.ca and S3 want to see your style, creativity and ability to produce good images (for example, a nice grab could be more rewarding than a big technical trick!), and keep in mind that the events are open to anyone, regardless of your level.

The four participants (one guy and one girl for each category - ski and snowboard) who have filmed the best video segment during that day will advance to the online finals, where 28 people will duke it out for the ultimate prize!

Once the finals have concluded, the winners of each category will receive a one-year sponsorship from S3, K2, Arnette, Ripcurl and Capix, with their names and pictures in a Snowboard Canada Magazine ad.

You can register in the lodge at each event between 8:30 and 9:30 on a first come, first served basis, and space is limited to 50 participants per stop. Registration forms (with signature of parent/guardian for those under 18) are available by clicking here.

S3 Snow Search Schedule

January 14 – Mont Gleason, Centre-du-Quebec

January 21 – Val St-Come, Lanaudiere

January 28 – Gallix, Cote-Nord

February 11 – Vallee du Parc, Mauricie

February 18 – Mont Belu, Saguenay

February 25 – Mont Cascades, Ottaouais

March 3 – Sutton, Estrie

For more details on the S3 Snow Search, please visit Push.ca/S3snowsearch, or click on any of the links above to view each stop’s Facebook event page.