November 24, 2006

Toronto - Already laid up for the season? No car to drive to your local shop? No problem! Ryeka Sport, Canadian distributor for action sport DVDs from skiing, to snowboarding, mountain biking, motocross and others has made it easier for you to grab all your favourite DVDs without having to pay those nasty hidden duty charges. With the holiday season quickly approaching, has something for the skier or snowboarder in your family. carries all the big names and more including:

Corduroy – Rage Films

If you could describe Corduroy in one word it would BIG! You’ll realize this with not one but three massive cliff drops all over 200ft including Jamie Pierre’s record breaking 275ft drop. Corduroy sports some of the best big mountain lines of the year from Kent Krietler, the Crist brothers and Cody Townsend. The guys at Rage Films really put this one together nicely with “balls to the wall” riding and great editing to match. In the spirit of going big, the Rage Films Booters Ball shows that there is such thing as style over massive gaps. Be sure not to miss Tom Wayes killing it on his sled before ripping some big lines. While not every rider is a household name, it really does prove that you don’t need big names to create an epic film. Notable segments: Tim Durtschi, John Spriggs, Julian Carr and the St. Anthony Bridge.

[photo]PLAY – Theory-3 Media / Poor Boyz Productions

Probably the most well put together film of the year; [photo]PLAY delivers every kind of riding out there. Whether it me James Heim absolutely shredding pow and dropping cliffs, Wiley Miller bringing his smooth style to the streets on rails or hitting backcountry booters or even Justin Dorey destroying the pipe at the World Ski and Snowboard Festival in Whistler, there is something in this film for everyone. With phenomenal post production and a killer soundtrack, Jeff Thomas has come a long way since his first video 49th Parallel almost 7 years ago. [photo]PLAY combines great lifestyle and time lapse shots with some of the sickest riding of the year for a film that sacrifices nothing to make an all round film that really shows what skiing is all about. Notable segments: James Heim, Wiley Miller, Justin Dorey, K2 Back9, Brandon Kelly, and Mike Hornbeck.

Push – MSP

The latest offering from MSP leaves the viewer satisfied and wanting for nothing more. Amazing big lines and pow turns courtesy of Mark Abma, Hugo Harrisson, Chris Rubens and JT Holmes. On the park side of things, Simon Dumont comes up big with an epic spring time pipe session in the Buttermilk pipe and all round smooth/super stylie riding on big backcountry booters and in the park. The entire film is definitely done in MSP style with aesthetically pleasing heli shots alongside the riders and breathtaking time lapse landscape shots. Ingrid Backstrom throws together probably the most impressive big mountain segment ever put together by a woman. Other notables: Eric Hjorleifson tearing up big mountain lines, Rory Bushfield for pulling out some sick backcountry booters, Mike Wilson for being absolutely insane, and the trip to China with Dumont, Mike Douglas and Sammy Carlson. Of course like last year, if you’re not down with Push, also included is Pull, the rider edited version that is even more impressive than Push! Screenplay – Two Plank Productions

This is one of those films that has great skiing but definitely lacked in post production. While the soundtrack worked well with the skiing, it seemed like this film was thrown together by some buddies which gives it a nice grass roots kind of feel. Screenplay is full of both big mountain lines, park and backcountry booters, all of which will impress everyone watching. Back that up with riders like Steele Spence and Liam Downey and you’ve got a decent ski film. Notable segments: Kiffor Berg with intense cliff hucks and pow turns and Jesse Hall with his own skiBASE jumping.

Long Story Short – Level 1 Productions

The guy that brought you Strike 3, Forward and Shanghai Six once again does not disappoint! Josh Berman takes “jib-flicks” to the next level here. Very nicely put together and easy to get into with an awesome cast of riders, flow and a great soundtrack, Long Story Short is one of those films that get’s you stoked to go ski. Be sure not to miss the Montreal street segment with Cedric Tremblay-Fournier, JF Houle and JD Zicat, these French Canadians know a thing or two about jibbing. Other notable segments: Travis Redd/Steele Spence, Tim Russel/Craig Coker/Flo Weisser, and Liam Downey.

Show & Prove – The Bigger PictureIn what will most likely be viewed as one of this year’s top movies, Tanner Hall shows us that he’s not just a park skier with some of his most impressive backcountry riding yet. With very little park riding, this film takes the viewer into epic locales of deep pow, gnarly urban rails and sadly into where no one wants to go, the hospital. Show & Prove was filmed over a six month period in the 05/06 winter while CR Johnson was in the hospital with a head injury that almost cost him his life. Narrated by Shane Anderson, this film is just as much about the friendship between CR and Tanner as it is about skiing. With an all star cast featuring Corey Vanular with the first ever rail-to-rail transfer, Seth Morisson, Dan Treadway, JP Auclair, Tanner Rainville, Skogan Sprang, Anthony Boronowski, Kye Peterson and the Petit brothers, Show & Prove does not disappoint!

Ski Porn – Poor Boyz Productions

A fast paced “in your face” kind of movie! While there is no possible way the crew at Poor Boyz could have crammed another trick into this flick, Ski Porn could have used a little more lifestyle and flow from segment to segment. Without a doubt, the riding is more than impressive with Pep mixing it up with urban, backcountry lines and booters and Sammy Carlson showing why he deserves the opening segment. Ski Porn continues with epic riding from Grete Elliassen, TJ Schiller, Candide Thovex, Andreas Hatveit, and Andy Mahre rounding out the more impressive segments. The final verdict: Ski Porn is perfect for the young park rat inside us all.

Anomaly – Teton Gravity Research

This video has probably one of the most creative introductions ever done in a ski movie. Right off the bat, Ian McIntosh delivers some big, burly big mountain lines from Jackson Hole that would make even some of the seasoned veterans of Jackson cringe. This entire film reeks with professionalism from the sponsor introductions to the lighting to the overall quality of the visuals and audio. Teton has always been known for films that bring skiing and snowboarding together into one production and Anomaly is no exception. The transition between skiing and boarding is so smooth that if you’re not paying attention you can very easily miss the fact that you just watched a snowboarder. Teton Gravity being based out of Jackson Hole really shows the soul of the area especially with the closing of the legendary Jackson Hole tram that has allowed skiers and snowboarders to access big lines and pow for 40 years. Some of the notable segments include Jackson Hole, Japan, Bella Coola BC, the Teton boys doing their best Warren Miller impression with snowboarders Eero Neimela and Anne Flore Marxer, Doug Coombs and Marc-Andre Belliveau skiing to his own song. Backed with skiers like, Jeremy Nobis, Seth Morrison, Micah Black, Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, Peter Olenick, Chris Collins and snowboarders Victoria Jealouse, Jeremy Jones and Mark Carter, this is one epic freeride video.

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