Hundreds of skiers and snowboarders, dressed in nothing but scant swimwear, have slid down a 500-meter slope at Siberia's Sheregesh resort, in a bid to grab the Guinness world record for the greatest number of participants in a nigh-naked downhill.

Each of the 1,835 participants took the frivolous ride seriously, with special observers making certain no one was wearing a slip of cloth too much. Everyone taking part was required to fill in all the necessary documents to submit to the Guinness world record committee. We can only hope they had the time to do it before taking their clothes off.

To be absolutely sure the record counts, six cameras were set along the slope, and another one mounted on a drone hovering above it. At least 30 resort personnel made sure the participants stayed safe.

Amid an avalanche of social media posts with pictures and impressions from the ride, it's surprisingly hard to find even a single complaint about the infamous Siberian cold.

This isn't the first bikini skiing world record set at Sheregesh. Back in 2013, about 500 similarly barely-dressed riders went down the slope, setting the previous best. This year, the target number of 1,000 was almost doubled.

It is all part of the Grelka Fest, a music and skiing festival held at the resort yearly for the past three years.

source - Russia Today