This image is from an ongoing project that started this summer that will encompass a passion for running that has entered both my life, and my (lesser evil twin) brother. As we enter into another season of marathons, we decided to take advantage of the first warm weather (and the accompanying slush) to get some more images. I had the Profoto B2 1200 light system on rent for another shoot I was doing during the (no)Reading Week, so I was stoked to be able to put it to the test in an action photography setting. This was the first time that I'd rented from Headshots Toronto instead of some of the other rental options in Toronto, and was really impressed with their service. Big kudos!The B2 prides itself a fast flash duration (at t0.5 between 1/2200-1/7400 s), and delivers. Although not the lightest and most portable action photography flash system available, I was able to pack two strobe heads, the battery pack, my camera/lens and both reflectors in a Pelican 1610 hardcase. The below image was taken in a park just on the East edge of the downtown core of Toronto. It's always been a go to place when finding a location that fakes a out-of-city look. Shot details:Nikon D700Nikon 24-70 2.8Profoto B2 1200 with Chimera small softbox on one light and regular reflector on the other.