Martin Franklin, founder of Jarden Corporation (K2's present owners) has decided to cash his chips to the effect of $500m in pocket money (and possibly a couple of planes), not a bad day's work. On Monday, Jarden Corporation announced it was set to merge with (i.e be bought by) Newell Rubbermaid Inc. in a $15.4 billion deal, combining core ski brand names like Newell's Sharpie markers and Baby Jogger strollers with Jarden's Rawlings baseball gloves and Mr. Coffee machines.

What does this mean for you, the skier? Well Rubbermaid will now own K2, Line, Marker, Full Tilt, Volkl etc. But in reality, it'll most likely make fuck all difference to be frank. K2 are a few steps down the corporate chain and they were already owned by an fairly odious household goods brand, so unless they perform particularly badly, I doubt anyone in the Rubbermaid boardroom will pay much attention to the ski bums in the basement.

Rubbermaid's entire contribution to skiing thus far (from what I can find) is this gem:

"Make the switch from spring/summer to fall/winter sports equipment in fall so you have time to enjoy any remaining warm autumn days, as well as get a jump on winter maintenance. Clean off old wax and grime by dipping a soft rag into a ski or snowboard cleaner and gently scrub until buildup is gone. Inspect the skis or board for damage, and take it in for repairs or a tune-up to get dull edges back into shape, if necessary. Wax with an all-season wax. Check bindings and boots are secure and in good shape. Hang gear on a Winter Sports Rack so it's ready when you are."

Solid words to live by. Sadly the product linked is 'discontinued' but we're presuming that's to make room in the range for a Clayton Vila Pro Model Winter Sports Rack in the very near near future. I'd also be hyped to see a Traveling Circus Puke Bucket, complete with Andy Parry Signature Mop. Watch this space!