Half a meter of new snow in Livigno made the Big Air contest impossible for the final day of the FIAT Nine Knights, so a Jib Contest was held instead. Roy Kittler reigned supreme on the rad jib features of 'Il Castello', with Henrik Harlaut in second and Fabio Studer in third.

Photo by David Malacrida

After five days of beautiful sunny blue bird days on the Mottolino Fun Mountain in Livigno, Italy for the FIAT Nine Knights, the weather decided to turn for the final two days of the event. Half a meter of snow accumulated on 'Il Castello' over night and, although the vigorous Schneestern shapers and cat drivers of the Mottolino Fun Mountain started clearing the castle at 4am, the visibility and snow conditions still made it impossible to run the traditional Big Air contest on the final day of the event. Event host Nico Zacek and the riders decided to hold a Jib Contest on the rad hips, spines, quarters and rails instead, and boy was it a pleasure to watch!

Roy Kittler. Photo by David Malacrida

Even though it was snowing almost all day, hundreds of spectators watched the best international freeskiers test their mettle on metal and snow. The two hour jam session allowed the riders to really explore all the creative lines and jibs of 'Il Castello'. Roy Kittler from Germany came out on top, putting on a great show including a right 270 to switch on the down-flat-down stair set to switch left 270 on pretzel 270 off the down rail, as well as a switch tail butter cork 720 on the spine. "I am really stoked on winning the Jib Contest," said Roy "although it would have been awesome to do the Big Air Contest, finishing off this amazing week with a Jib Jam was still perfect!"

Henrik Harlaut. Photo by David Malacrida

In second place was late arrival Henrik Harlaut, fresh from securing the AFP Big Air World Championship. The steezy Swede was as creative as ever, sending big cork 270s on the hip, a crazy cork 180 over the spine in addition to buttering and hand dragging all over the rails. Austrian Fabio Studer claimed third with big flairs and super cork 360s over the spine, both way 270s and a switch tail butter 450 onto the down rail.

Fabio Studer (3rd), Roy Kittler (1st), Henrik Harlaut (2nd). Photo by Klaus Polzer

For highlights of everything that went down at the competition check out the following video...


After the Jib Contest the clouds cleared and many riders sent the main jumps deep into the landing, to the delight of the cheering spectators. Christoph Schenk held it down for Italy, stomping a bunch of doubles and almost landing a dub 10 over the spine! Everyone wore bright smiles at the end of the day, stoked on the entire week at the FIAT Nine Knights. A phenomenal feature, sunny skies and good times definitely made the FIAT Nine Knights 2013 one to remember.

Matt Margetts. Photo by Klaus Polzer

Be sure to check out the highlight edit from the first two days along with the crazy POV Contour course check video, and stay tuned for final highlight edit to be released next week.



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