Hey guys

After a few days in hospital, surgery, MRI´s, X-ray´s and a lot of pain, I´m finally at home in the chillervalley! 2 weeks after Alaska and Kamp K2, we decided to ski the famous, highest mountain in Austria, the “Großglockner”. There is a really steep (55°) Couloir from the top of the mountain, called “Pallavicini”. The conditions were much worse than we expected. The first 100 meters we had to rope in, because it wasn´t possible to ski. At the point where we wanted to start skiing, suddenly rocks came down. It was super sketchy, because you couldn´t really move! So i decided to drop in and ski out of that dangerous zone! In the middle of the gully I hit a rock and lost my ski! Damn! After that I fell more than 1000feet, tomahawking approximately 30 times over rocks. At the end I had a free fall of 160feet! I was rescued by the helicopter – with the rope! Yeah, thx god that I´m alive. Season over, happy that I´m still able to walk!!!cheers


more infos: http://www.roman-rohrmoser.com/blog.html