Got a couple of advertisements for Rime Knits!This was in Idaho with B.Becker. It was actually a large road gap that at the end of the day I decided to hit as two jumps!Tanaka, cattrack flip pretzels...mmmm from RIME*knits on Vimeo.This one is an Ad on, it appears as a banner ad on the side of the site.RIME*banner ad - Lukas from RIME*knits on Vimeo.This ad is from Turnagain Pass, AK. It was -10 degrees that day and I only had time to build the kicker and hit it once because my toes were on the verge of frostbite. Im glad i landed my one and only hit. Luke Tanaka stomping fresh pow pow from RIME*knits on Vimeo.RIME KNITS!!!WHOOOO!!!