Words & video by Riley Leboe

Spring has definitely set in around Squamish, BC. I finally took the time to finish up an edit I have been working on since January. I wanted to put together a B-Roll edit with some left over footage from The Grand Bizarre. There’s always a lot of footage that doesn’t make the movie so I figured, “Why not put something together that hasn’t been seen?”

Now, the reason I haven’t finished this until now is because I’ve been quite busy working with PBP on this year’s film. It’s been a really fun season, and we had some great trips and sweet times. We had awesome snow early on this season and I hit up some awesome cat skiing operations. Monashee Powder Snowcats with Tyler, Sherpa, Joe and Charley was all time. Sledding around Whistler was good as always. We had some tough weeks where snow, stability and weather was not cooperating, which seemed to be a running trend all season. It’s a bit tough on the head but we got some blue bird days that made up for all of that. I got to head to Alaska with Sean Pettit, Dane Tudor and Pep Fujas and I can easily say that is a spot on the map I will be heading every year. It was a first time for me so I couldn’t think of a better crew to be up there with. Nothing beats helicopters and big lines. I got to ski some of the best lines of my life. Unfortunately my trip was cut short with an ankle injury but I’ll be heading back to saddle up again. Spring’s always one of my favorite times of the season. All my buddies who compete and who I don’t see for most of the season come back to Whistler for the World Ski & Snowboard Festival. There’s still good snow for shooting, warm days skiing park and lots of good times. It was definitely a good spring and wind down to my season. Now it’s a few weeks off before summer camps start. Anyways, that’s a short recap of my season. I’m stoked to see what comes of it in the new PBP movie. But for now I just hope you guys enjoy the edit. It reminds me of some wicked days with good friends and I hope it gets you stoked to get out there. Even if fresh pow is quite a few months away.

Riley Leboe B-Side