by Ethan Stone, (MAMMOTH MOUNTAIN)- There is a price to pay for progression. In a turbulent first day, four athletes were injured at Powder Magazine’s Superpark event, followed by several others. Held at Mammoth Mountain May 1-3, the affair is one of the biggest of the freeskiing world, along with Freeze magazine’s Parkasaurus and the World Skiing Invitational. However, that reputation may now be in jeopardy. Up-and-comer Jon McMurray, who made a name for himself at Parkasaurus by sticking a backflip to rail, was the first to go down. He shattered both of his heels while trying to clear the park’s massive 100-foot stepdown. Shortly after, a local Mammoth jibber came up short on the park’s 60-foot double, slamming into the wall of the landing. He earned a broken nose and a shattered ankle. One other unidentified person was injured on the 100-foot stepdown. Tanner Hall, one of the sport’s biggest names, went down hard on a rainbow-C rail later in the afternoon, injuring... Well, his ass. He didn’t break his tailbone, but it’s very questionable as to whether he’ll be riding for the remainder of the event, or for some time afterwards. According to sources on-scene, he still can’t sit down. As more news comes in, the risks at Superpark are made even more clear. Mickael Deschenaux tore his patela tendon after introducting his knee to a rail, and Peter Olenick was blown off the landing of the 100 stepdown and was carted away by stretcher- we have yet to hear of his injuries. Many have questioned the safety of that jump, which has already claimed three victims. Mark Brennan (dspin1260 on said that the jump was extremely difficult to judge because of the relative smallness of the landing transition- too slow or too fast and you’re out of luck. Despite the injuries, other athletes have been working to make Superpark successful. Candide Thovex threw massive corked 5’s over the 100-ft table, while Matt Collins slew the 120 ft. Powder kicker with a backflip japan. Mark Brennan successfully stuck a D-spin 1260. More information as it comes… Candide Thovex- Image courtesy of Jibtech Productions. Compiled from information on the message board- from Dave Levin, Jon Reedy, Mark Brennan and others.