At the beginning of my last semester of college I was assigned the task of creating a documentary for my Visual Communications class. The assignment was open to any topic so naturally I decided to focus my film on my experiences working for NS, planning a portion of the Poor Boyz East Tour, and skiing.

I bought a cheap Canon camera and was ready to rock. I tried to film as much as I could but found difficulties holding a camera while typing, driving, and ordering a drink at the bar. While I'm certainly no Johnny D, Berman, or Iberg, I'm happy with how the film turned out.

So here it is, a bunch of footage of a guy chasing down a dream he should've given up a long time ago and was lucky enough to have great friends and family pushing him forward.

Thanks to NS, PBP, and everyone that made this film possible. - Mike Rogge


Ride Another Day - Life After School from Mike Rogge on Vimeo.