Richard Permin has a CoreUPT promodel.

The 'french viking' joins CoreUPT. The King of Style 2007 spend his season in the deep powder between Japan, Alaska, the US and Switzerland, and now his goal is here: in the pow!

For that, he developed a fat backcountry ski, the Hand’s Up (115mm under the foot). A nice design signed by Alban & Liberty, the CoreUPT designers, which whom Richard exchanged a lot to finalize this:

Nice isn’t it ?

Richard will go on shooting a lot, plus a few contests here and there.

He will get on top of it winter after winter, and his name is getting strong on the freestyle scene. Comps are only a way to enrich his resume, and his real goal is outside of groomed terrain parks, far from frustrating contests. He made style a rule, and his style his his signature.

Richard wants to go on this way with CoreUPT, a team he feel really good within. Pushing the team, a star in the powder, Richard sets the atmosphere wherever he is.

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