In November of 2006, a group of skiers based out of Sunday River looked towards a full and rich season of snow, skiing and filming. Unfortunaly, the dream we all wished, never came true. The site looked good in the begging but just ended up falling apart, and we always seem to ski at different times, it didnt feel like a family as how we wanted it to. As the end of the season approached we soon relized that the whole year went in by in a flash, with the lack of snow, not filming nearly enough as we needed and leaking way to much footage out, the year seemed to be a disaster. Though every skiing year is a blast, we were disapointed in out comintmant to a solid production. Now, all good friends, we discussed what a production would really mean to us and how much dedication it takes. We all agreed, to return in a whole new form, a whole different production, it was time to revive. At that instant, Revive Media was created. With new high performance equipment purchased and the dedication of the group of skiers out of Maine, we look towards a bright start in the 07-08 year. Very connfident that this year will turn out much much better then lasts, we discuss daily how every knook and craney of Revive Media is going to be layed out.

This is nothing at all, just a silly little site i made up in about 20 minutes, so this isn't what Revive Media is putting out, but just if you wanted to take a peep.