With the early season I thought it would be a great time to

hit up the hills. MSLM (Mount St. Louis Moonstone or known to the locals as St.

Louis) was the hill of choice, as Blue, Dagmar, and Horseshoe didn't have much

setup. With temperatures just below the freezing mark, it looked like we would

have some great conditions, and what do you know it, the sun peaked out just

after noon and brought some rays down which made for even better conditions.

I was really impressed with how many twin tippers were out on the hill. I swear

it was most likely 2:1 with twin tipper doubling the amount of regular skiers.

I also saw a lot of NS stickers although I approached a couple kids with NS

stickers and they just said a quick yep and went past. Say hi at least, no hard

done, we all there enjoying the same thing, with the same passion.

Anyways at approximately 12:30 PM something very tragic happened. Our

relationship had been 3 years running strong. We were inseparable. We had first

met on a cold November day in Toronto, when snow had not even covered the

ground yet, from the help of Mr. Gaudet who introduced us, it was love at first

sight. Over the next three years we spent many wonderful times together. We

traveled across North America. Traveling to Colorado to cat ski at Copper, and

to Tremblant, and even spend the odd blue moon experience the great surprise of

EC powder. We knew each other’s weaknesses; we knew how to make each other

happy. Some would say that I could do better than her. Sure she wasn't one to

have the spotlight shine on her showing her beauty, but all I cared about was

how she made me feel, and nothing, no matter what others said mattered. That

all ended with a shotgun rail. The most mind numbing, heart wrenching, thing


I will leave you with some photos from the weekend, enjoy.

The duo of Kelly G and Ahren S  enjoy the early season great conditions


Kelly G watches Sandy B and Ahren S stomp their landings

Killed it all day


I always see this guy at MSLM with his family, all have atomic twintips, always killing it.

Ahren FOUR 50


- Pippin Lee