WE are back on snow. Have a blast as usual. I was sick flying over and have been low energy for the first block. I was mostly free skiing GS and then got to run some brush gates and a few regular gates. Trying to get the feeling and balance back. Its hard when your mind strays to negative thoughts but I am taking one day at a time. The snow here is great and it has been amazing weather. We went on a beautiful hike up to one of the huts. Came across a sheep that had given birth to twins an hour prior. We then had a girls dinner out to Fondu which was amazing as always here in Switzerland. Today we had a day off and Sarah and I walked around town to get some fresh air, I found the perfect scarf and we drank green tea, watched surfing, and began our next video adventure. I have been addicted to the Sauna as well. I try to go everyday. Makes you feel great!

Going to test out slalom tomorrow and hope to get into some real gates here soon! Hope everyone is having a great week!