OH the lights tonight are so bright


I look up into the moon


My smile is so big so happy


I feel the love pump through my veins


I am ready I want it


I do what I am suppose to do


I want it sooooo badly


I try but it just doesn?t do what I want it to do


I hold the tears in, try not to punch the camera man


I breathe


Its my 5th world cup back


Im ok Im fast Im good Im great Im better than this


Get back up there and do it again


I let some tears go like a child


Quickly distract myself and hang with my awesome team mates who came to watch


Gobble down dinner, drive back to our Austrian Home


Have a good laugh with my mother In-law


Decide Ill call my pops on this one and see what he has to say, what advice can he give me!


Im ready to do whatever it takes!


Oh the lights were so bright tonight!

Resi Stiegler's poetry and pictures can be found on her website: http://resi-stiegler.com