So we are in Vail training. Super warm, lucky they got a big snow storm last week. The hill is prepped to perfection, almost to well for me. I came from Saas Fee doing drills and stubbies to iced down full length. NOT READY?. ha ha well Im ready but need to ease into things. I had a tough day mentally. Back in colorado, about a year since I was injured and new snow. Everyday is new and sometimes somedays are more difficult than others. Everyday is another one towards the top. It was fun to be with the whole tech team men and women, get out new uniforms and get settled into our favorite time of the year where we can train and race in AMERICA!

As for the fun of the day, Kevin got me an amazing present. The new G12 which is soooo cool. I am so excited i already took about 500 photos and need a bigger computer to hold everything with. It is so amazing. I can?t keep up with his great photos but now I feel like I can at least challenge him. Here are some new fun shots I took last week with little Kaden and some fun in Maui!

Resi website is so worth checking out: