Unbelievable that race-season is already almost upon us. It just felt like the start of summer and now we're already getting reports of training camps and races. Well... we just got the word from Resi Stiegler that she's down in Valle Nevado, Chile, battling the blues. She'll be alright, she assures, she's just looking for that motivation... here's what she said:

Wow I feel like it has been forever since I blogged. I have been doing so many fun things and have been around so many fun inspirational people that I think I might have just overloaded.

I am in a unmotivated state. Not in a bad way, just different. I think maybe its the travel and high elevation. We are already back in Chile. It has been one year of skiing for me. We are in Valle Navado and the sun is shinning and the snow is white. I fried my face off even though I put 5 layers of sunscreen on. I have already passed out by the pool drooling and gone on some good free skiing muscle building runs. So things are great. We had our first day of training and it went well.

And here some sweet pics from their training camp. Looks like quite the swanky place!

Some Fellow Racing SHREDDERS! Rip it up boys!

Read the entire Resi Stiegler Blog at her site: http://resi-stiegler.com/blog1/2011/09/11/motivation