It is apparently that the roads quality is becoming worse and worse. The other day I was driving my car on the road and I hit something really hard. I didn’t notice anything wrong through. A few weeks later it started really acting up. I brought it somewhere and apparently I totally snapped one of the springs in my front left tire, and my shocks and struts were bad.

With how expensive things are here, they wanted $430 * 2, plus labor costs to fix it… Then I found these parts called quick strut on the Internet shop. Quick strut is the revolutionary new way to replace struts. It is an all-in-one replacement system which results in easier, safer and quicker installations. It replaces the complete strut assembly including the shock absorber, spring and bearing plate, so your car’s handling and control will be as good as new. Quick strut is a simple bolt up fitment. Fitting quick strut doesn’t need the compression of springs. It removes safety concerns and bring strut replacement back to the level of shock replacement. It provides enhanced safety, handling and performance. Quick strut is available for most popular applications.

I got them on the internet and only cost me about 170 dollars each. They come with the quick strut, springs and everything you need. And what’s more important, they are very easy to install. Though I am not a mechanic, I am still able to install them by myself according to the product instructions.   B2C | B2B2C