As mentioned in my last post, i decided to rent a 45mm Canon Tilt Shift for the London Freeze event. The lens has the ability to tilt and shift the focal plane throwing both the background and foreground out of focus. By doing this it has the ability to destroy the sense of scale in the photo often making a miniature especially if taken looking down on something.

I’ve wanted to try one for a year or so but haven’t been in the right circumstances for it. When i found out late last week that i’d be attending the Freeze event but with a really loose commission leaving me with plenty of free time, i knew that it was a great opportunity to experiment with the lens. Calumet photo based in London rents all sorts of professional equipment and they have a great system where you can rent from Friday until Monday for the price of a one days rental. For a lens that retails for around £1000 its great to try it out for less that £50.

Here’s a few example shots of whats possible with the lens. I can imagine the novelty would wear off after a while but if used sparingly then you can achieve some great, and totally unique shots.