We left Tahoe on the morning of the 12th at 3:30 AM. Our crew was solid. Nicki Jean and Brendon crushed it at LAX.
Nat slept 50 of the 58 travel hours.
And Randal, our intern, greeted us and our ridiculous amount of luggage with open arms.
When we made it to Argentina, the first thing we did was eat lomito.
The next thing we did was take a 20 hour bus ride and eat some more. When we finally made it to Bariloche we ate choripan. My stomach was looking forward to this trip just as much as I was.
Nicki Jean and Craig were trying to keep warm in the sun. It's winter here, don't let Craig's shorts and flippy floppies fool you.
Here's Ziggy's father. What a pretty little fellow. I fed him megatubes and he stuck around for a bit.
Then Tikos and I took jumping photos once we made it to Bariloche.
And now it's official. We're here and it's winter time. I don't think I packed enough warm clothes, but I'm sure I'll get by. Can't wait to head up to the mountain. Heard there's tons of snow and that it's going to be an epic winter. Stay tuned!