Mr. Bie and Mr. Taylor,

This past winter I was pleased to see that your magazine was a partner in the inaugural Back 9 Mini-Golf Invitational here in Whistler, British Columbia. Without sponsors like your magazine, we could never dream of groundbreaking events like the Back 9, let alone have them become a reality.

While the Back 9 was a resounding success, it was marred for myself and many others by the tragic passing of our friend Teddy Knape. Teddy was a member of the team documenting the Back 9 on film, and while it was a small comfort that he passed away doing what he truly loved, I was appalled that your magazine neglected to mention his passing as part of your extensive print coverage of the event.

I would like to think that your magazine shines a spotlight on people who dedicate their lives to skiing, and the fact that Teddy’s hard work was out of the spotlight does not make his dedication or contribution any less valuable. In fact, it seems impossible to me that your neglect was accidental, and therefore it disgusts me to conclude it was intentional. Had an athlete, or one of your photographers, died during the event, would it have merited mention? I think so, and you would have honored them for the very same reasons Teddy deserves his due. It is completely absurd that your coverage failed to pay respect where the utmost respect was due.

Shame on you.

Yours in skiing,

Dave Pires