Reids Peak and Bald mountain are two monolithic mountains in the western uinta range. My pop refers to them as "the Tits" because, well, they resemble the beautiful breasts of a woman! I've driven past these peaks hundreds of times en route to fishing and climbing trips over the years and I've always thought they would make for some good skiing. I decided to give them a shot...

^ I made it to the summit of bald mountain just after sunrise where I shot this photo of reids peak. The southeast ridge was the ascent route, while I skied a choice line off the north face. I was expecting the snow to have been more consolidated like traditional spring corn, but there was still powder snow on the north faces. Go figure. This made the skiing and climbing more variable.
^ The topography of reids peak is really unique. Its like a volcanic cone. You could ski down every aspect for 1800' vertical.
^ 7 yrs ago when this photo was taken, skiing in the uintas was far from reality. now its an everyday thing.
^ definitely one of the premier peaks in the western uintas
^ another old photo from the archives.
^ I've seen many sunsets over the years with reids peak as the backdrop, and it never gets old.a quick little video of the descent:Reids Peak 5/16/10