When we (my mother, sister Colby and Colby's

boyfriend) arrived at the Spokane Airport, we rented a

car and made our way north to Rossland.

Unfotrunately, 40 minutes from our destination, we hit

a dear head on and cracked the radiator of the rental

car.  1 deer, 2 cars and 6 hours later we found

ourselves at our destination.

The next day we ventured up to the mountain, which

could be defined by two simple words: steep and deep.

With slow lifts and no lift lines, it was like going

back in time.  Unfortunately the fog made visibilty

super bad, but we had an epic day of tree skiing.

The next day we inspected the course for a couple

runs, and then explored the awesome terrain Red has to

offer.  The following day was the first day of the

comp which once again had awful llight.  I skied my

run pretty well, and ended up in second overall by a

small margin. 

The next day looked promising with sun, but didn't

last long.  By the time of the comp, the fog rolled in

once again and the light was bad.    I had a decent

run, but missed one of the features I had planned to

hit.  I ended up finishing 2nd overall, which was

enough for me.  Unofrtunately my sister tweaked her

knee due to the thick fog.

The next two days were spent skiing the mountain in

good light, and we finally packed up from what was an

epic trip all around.