There aren't many contests that capture the imagination these days, but Red Bull Playstreets is one of the ones that still does. A thread the needle through the center of the mountain town slopestyle extravaganza featuring a huge wallride, a jump, and some incredibly sketchy narrow channels between houses. The round of 16 saw some big-name favorites, including Joona Kangas and Daniel Bacher miss out but there was a ton of creativity on show nonetheless. The crowd is massive and the vibes are like nothing else in Bad Gastein, shoutout to Red Bull for keeping this one going.


Last 8:

Andri VS Thibault Magnin: Thibault went full send with the dub cork 12 but couldn't bring it to feet. Flip out on the trampoline was sick though. Andri showed just how good he is with an impressively tech run and switch down the channels... half flip bounce 450 on the trampoline was sick, and the disaster four on the gap to down was gnarly.

Ryan Stevenson VS Kim Gubser: Ryan Stevenson sent a dub(ish) 7 on the jump, a dope polish donut on the wallride and a lip to on the gap dfd. Kim Gubser went switch 9, handplant on the wallride, flip out of the trampoline, and then 270 on to the dfd... Narrow win for Kim.

Chris McCormick VS Matej: Chris kept it smooth with an air to fakie up top, switch handplant on the wallride, and 450 to switch on the dfd were the highlights. Matej went wild. Same switch handplant as Chris, but the nosebutter 540 on the second hip was dope and the switch 180 to flip bounce on the trampoline was sick too. Win for Matej.

Max Moffat VS Jesper Tjader: Max was going wild, cork 10 on the jump, bio 630 on the hip... pretz bounce on the trampoline. But it went awry on the rails at the bottom. That gave Jesper a pass as long as he kept it clean and he did. Flair to 180 on the wallride was still very clean and the switch 180 half flip, to back bounce out was dope too.



Kim Gubser VS Andri Ragettli: Kim was on the ragged edge for this one, trying to keep it together against Andri. He managed to put his run down, but Andri was looking unbeatable. Switch 720 up top, Dub 10 safety on the jump, switch on 4 out to 270 on to the DFD. He's a machine.

Matej VS Jesper: Matej went full send to try and take Jesper. Switch cork 5 bringback (kinda) on the jump, nosebutter 5 on the hip, but he nearly sacked on the 180 switch 5050 attempt leaving the door open to Jesper. Jesper kept it clean, not as tech perhaps but super solid. Gap to 450 on the bottom rail was stomped and the switch 180 half flip to bounce was as perfect as ever.


Final (/Third Place battle):

For third: Matej Svancer VS Kim Gubser: Kim stomped switch 9 again, kfed, front 4 out and 270 on to the dfd in the super tight rail section. Killed it and definitely set a high bar, faster sunnies on show too. Matej just held onto the bringback, just held on to to the disaster 450... nosebutter on the hip and switch 180 on to flip out on the tramp were clean but it wasn't as clean as Kim overall... leaving Kim with third.

Final: Andri VS Jesper: Jesper was first to drop: Switch flair on the hip, misty 7 on the jump, flair to 180 out on the wallride, switch Jesper flip on the tramp, flat 270 on the hip, switch on 2 out, 450 out, 450 on to switch... it was perfect but could it beat Andri? Andri went switch 7, Dub 10, flair to wallride, 180 to switch down the channel, switch 180 and then flat 450 on the hip, switch 270 half flip 270 half flip out the tramp, front swap p2, switch on 4 out, 450 disaster... it was flawless, what a monster. But the judges give the win to Jesper... Suspiciously Red Bull that call.



1. Jesper Tjader

2. Andri Ragettli

3. Kim Gubser


Full replay: