Playstreets is insane. The crowd, the course, the party... everything about it makes it a truly special event. Some of the best skiers on the planet took to the near-impossibly narrow course and threw down. I still don't love the head to head format, but it's one of the most interesting contests on the calendar to watch nonetheless. It works super well for the live crowd too, which is what Playstreets is really about. For some reason Red Bull decided not to show the qualifying and round of 16, in which Dan Hanka, Antti Ollila, and other NS favorites were eliminated, but Antti could be conisdered unlucky to have been knocked out by Nick Goepper.

Quarter Finals:

Tobias Mueller was first to drop and unfortunately crashed on his second hit, handing Jesper the free pass, but he threw a dub flat on the hip for the shits n giggles anyway, stomping his whole run finishing with a 4 disaster at the bottom.

Jesper Run 1:


Tasei Yamamoto put down a decent run but had a few bobbles on his rail tricks and grabs (double front swap early off, disaster 2 also early off), opening the door for Lucas Mullauer... who couldn't accept the invitation, with some small bobbles on the rails of his own (a dodgy lip on blind 2 has to be some kind of crime?) and only a front 2 out down the bottom.

Johannes Rohrmoser lost a pole, and somehow survived hitting one of the hips accidentally back seat. Nick Goepper followed Jespers examples and threw a heavy run nonetheless, scoring second only to Jesper so far.

Vincent Gagnier, in his first contest back from knee injury, went the creative route with a nuts switch 1 on to 5050 on the cannon, pole grabs etc but didn't get a clean run in. Oscar Wester took advantage and went huge on a first hit ao flat 4 japan up top, keeping things relatively simple on the rest of the course, mirroring both ways 2s and making sure of the semi-final spot and a solid score.

Vinni Ca$h Run:

Oscar (Best run):



Tasei improved his run up top, with cleaner grabs and a much better double swap on the postbox but came off early on both a front swap and his bottom hit 2 on. Jesper stomped his run more or less perfectly again, and took a clear win.

Nick Goepper stepped up his rail features at the bottom of the course with both ways switch 2 pretz 2s landed bolts. Oscar Wester was left with a 262 to beat and came off early on a 270 on and fell just short of the mark.


Tasei tried to step it up the postbox rail with a front swap, back swap, cont. 2 but came unstuck on the second hip. Oscar Wester sent hit ao flat 4 to the moon all day and took 3rd place despite some bobbles at the bottom.


Nick Goepper, first to drop, went all in with a dub on the first hit, b2b switch 2 pretz 2 at the bottom and put down a big score of 271... despite a slight issue on the first of those rail hits. Jesper stepped it up on the bottom rail, 4 on pretz 2 but he had a couple of small issues, on the switch on blind 2 and the landing on that last hit. It wasn't enough and Nick Goepper took the crown from the reigning champion.

Jesper 2nd Place Run


Goepper Winning Run



1st: Nick Goepper

2nd: Jesper Tjader

3rd: Oscar Wester

4th: Tasei Yamamoto