This is just a more detailed description than the previous story but I planned a ski trip this weekend to Waterville Valley and Cranmore. Furst up was Waterville. It was fairly choppy conditions and pretty crowded, despite what some of you may say I don't think it was a great ski area definitely not for the faint of hearted in the park, huge ass jumps, big rails, and large boxes. I ended up taking about 10 runs before deciding to hike a slight up rail. I had gotten all but a foot of it in previous runs, but was not completely satisifed I wanted the full shot. Came down to the top of the park and skipped right to that rail. Had my photographer get set up, and the hiking commenced. About 4 trips in I started slipping off early fairly consistently but again really wanted the whole rail. I decided to do one more hike call it quits and get my ass to North Conway and get some zz's. So I got to the spot were I had been dropping in and commenced the run. I thought it would be a good run.. Guess not after the fly on i felt myself catch my back edge then i slipped out tried to catch myself with my hand, unsecsessful.. I ate shit, I shed tears Im not going to lie shit hurt.. Well I went to the ski patrol shack got checked out they took x reys and then thought I was fine just a shoulder separation... They were wrong turns out I broke about 3 inches off of my shoulder blade and a sizeable chunk out of my shoulder joint orbital bone. Lets make this a little more direct, I might have to get surgery and be out for the rest of the ski season, I know suscks and the worst part is I've only been on the slopes 4 days this year.. Well this is my blog on the road to recovery as a skier.