Recon Instruments Launches Post-Processing Software and Online Community

Recon Instruments the Vancouver-based company behind Transcend, has today launched the goggles' post-processing software Recon HQ and online sharing community HQ Online. Transcend is taking the adventure sports industry by storm as the world's first alpine goggles with real-time GPS data viewable through a head mounted display.

Users are now able to download all the data stored on their goggles to their PC or Mac. Recon HQ overlays the users' runs onto satellite imagery so you can playback, store, and re-live your trip to the mountain. Recon HQ also includes a dashboard which displays speed, altitude, vertical distance travelled, total distance travelled, longitude/latitude and temperature throughout each run.

Recon HQ will act as the official log of all activity throughout the season. Users will be able to view and record their stats per run, but also the accumulation of data over the course of the season. Now you can store all of your stats to track performance and accomplishments throughout the year, remember your favorite ski runs and hidden tracks, and even find locations to explore further.

Recon HQ also boasts a highlight editor whereby users can select the best sections of their runs to upload to their profile on Recon Instrument's online community, HQ Online - Here, other skiers' and riders' profiles, highlights, stats and runs can be viewed and enjoyed by all. HQ Online also features The Podium for exceptional feats at resorts across the globe, with prizes awarded for the best uploaded highlights.

Darcy Hughes, Recon Instruments' Chief Marketing Officer, said "Recon HQ allows the user to maximize the data stored on the goggles by providing the tools to analyze their season's activity. Skiers and riders can re-live and learn from their experiences and also share them with other, like-minded people on HQ Online.

"Sport is defined by its social nature and we wanted capture this with HQ Online and allow users to share their achievements with the wider snow sports community."

Recon HQ and HQ Online support Recon Instruments' inaugural release, Transcend. Transcend are the only pair of goggles in the world to provide real-time feedback to the user, including speed, latitude/longitude, altitude, vertical distance travelled, total distance travelled, chrono/stopwatch mode, a run-counter, temperature and time. All information is brought to the user via a micro LCD display mounted inside the goggles.

There are two models of Transcend available with different lens options, Transcend SPPX is fitted with an SPPX polarized and photochromic lens retailing at $499US, Transcend SPX features an SPX polarized lens and costs $399US.