If The Big Bang Theory powers that be have any sense whatsoever, they will be sending you a copy of last night's episode for awards consideration. And if you have any sense whatsoever, based on the empirical evidence of hilarity presented in the aforementioned submissions, you will nominate the show for best comedy. Proving once more that Big Bang is at its best when its making the most out of all its characters — and that Amy Farrah Fowler has become the best thing to happen to Sheldon since the coinage of his catchphrase "Bazinga!" — the ep also managed to squeeze in a game-changing plot twist and a good-sport cameo by best-selling string theorist. It all started when Amy and Sheldon attended a book store appearance by Greene — to mock his dumbing down of complex science for a general audience, naturally — and Amy proffered this nugget of gossip: Bernadette was considering breaking up with Howard. At first, Sheldon was mildly aghast by Amy stooping to such a common mode of communication. But over a game of Wii archery, Sheldon succumbed to the allure of good scuttlebutt and shared Amy's gossip with Leonard. Then Leonard told Priya, who told Leonard that her brother Raj would be secretly happy about the breakup. When Leonard later ran into Penny — who, it turns out, was the one who told Amy about Bernadette in the first place — he spilled to her about Raj's crush. Priya, meanwhile, let slip to Raj about Bernadette and Howard's relationship troubles.Naturally, the news of Sheldon and Amy's false sexual relations spread like wildfire, making its way through the entire group of friends in less than 24 hours, though we only really saw the first two steps.