“Reasons” continues to steamroll awards shows with its latest triumph at the X-DANCE Awards. Nominated

for 4 awards Including Editing, Soundtrack & Best Film, Poor Boyz Productions took home Best Core Movie for

their work on Reasons. We are super proud and couldn’t be more pleased that our movies stoke out audiences and

judges alike. X-Dance is the premier event for International Action Sports Filmmaking, known for pushing the art of

filmmaking and action sports further each year. To be presented with this award is a huge honor for the entire Poor

Boyz crew.

X-DANCE is unique because all films are judged equally on the basis of filmmaking merit, not sport genre,

sponsors or budget. Poor Boyz embraces the notion of strong artistic development in action sports movies, a much

needed and welcomed change to the regular movie formulas that have come to expire over the last decade.

Brian Wimmer, Director and Founder of the X-Dance Film Festival, explains the basis of X-DANCE.

“The five categories we judge the films on are: Cinematography, Editing, Story, Music, and Action. Each of

the five merits is given equal value. The films that ultimately make it into the festival score well in most, if not all, of

the filmmaking categories, making them a good balance of story and action. Films that were all action with no story,

or any dialogue with the athletes, fared the same as films that were all talk and no action.

X-Dance believes that it is this balance that will move the Action Sport Film industry away from the "Action

Porn", driven by the endemic industries, into legitimate filmmaking recognition of a much broader scale.”

We’d also like to congratulate our good friends over at Nimbus Independent for receiving 3 X-DANCE

nominations for their stupendous shred flick, Hunting Yeti, which was well received by the film festival. Note: The

Nimbus crew was unable to be in attendance due to the calling of deep Japanese powder.

Wishing all a happy Inauguration Day while we pray for more snow in the forecast!!


Poor Boyz Productions