Yes kids, my blogs have been lacking for the pat couple of weeks, and I can't be sure as to the reason. I guess its just because I'e been busy, with schoolwork and trying to ski as much as possible, Im guessing you know what its like.

But anyway whos pumped for Holday Break...

oh heres my rant.

You've all seen it, the story about the rhabbi that sued the Seattle Airport to add a Menorah to the Holiday Display, but instead of the airport adding a menorah took all the trees down, and then all the Jews in seattle got yelled at so they put the trees back up... ya that story

What the fuck is with all of this HONESTLY, by putting up Christmas light in front of ym house, Am i personally attacking all jewish people in my nieghboorhood, I dont think so, now its a different story if I put up a nativity scene on my lawn with a giant swastika in front of it.

Last i checked christmas trees had ZERO religous value, they are just decroative, THIS HAS GOTTEN OUT OF HAND, all this poltically correct bullshit, who the hell cares wht stores put up its not like we are calling anyone out, everyones getting way too careful with their shit, and its making me sick.

thanks for reading