Friday was my workday at the nightclub, and playing music for an empty floor doesn´t really make me happy, but it pays my bills… We will see how long I will spend my time doing that though. I would have appreciated atleast 50 people in a nightclub on a friday night. To bad I had atleast two or three mixes that I was REALLY happy with. No-one would believe me anyways, since there were NO -ONE there to listen.

Best part of working Friday night is that I get both Saturday and Sunday off from work. Spent my day with Ida, on a quick run up to a mountain. The highest peak in Lillehammer 1089 metres above sea-level. Went pretty goodt, and I think we ran for 50 minutes. Aprox. 3 km straight up, and 3 km straight down.

If you look closely, you can see the top far behind the trees.