Newschoolers has teamed up with Transworld Snowboarding and Snow Park Technologies to catalog and rank the best terrain parks across North America. By filling out this short survey you can make sure your voice is heard and that your favorite terrain parks across the continent get the recognition they deserve.

We've randomly selected a winner from our first lot of submissions and the lucky winner is Seth Leinbach!

If that isn't you, you're in luck. We think this is an amazing opportunity to get a clear picture of who is doing it right (and who is doing it wrong!) in the world of snowparks, so we've decided to extend the poll to a second round. For the sake of clarity, round one entries are NOT included in the round two prize draw. We don't allow duplicate submissions but if you've entered already, nothing is stopping you reviewing another set of parks for your chance to be our randomly selected winner in round two. And if you do, you could find yourself the proud owner of a pair of skis, a t-shirt, and sticker pack from the awesome, limited edition, "Such is Life" J-Skis series.

The deadline for round two is the 25th of July, don't miss it!