Hi everyone who actually follows my blog. Sorry its been a while since my last update. I lost my camera, and since I am not a great writer with out pics, my blog updates would not be that up to par.

So basically I have just been doing some off season training, biking, running and gym that sort of stuff. I went to summer X games in LA and that was awesome, hence the lost camera. I head of to NZ tonight with Simon for three weeks of training, then back to the good old USA. BOO YEAH.

Here are some sick pics of my new hobby, rally. So I actually bought a legit car, and had to drive down to San Diego to pic it up. So Jake Largess, and Nate Abbott came with me for the car ride. It was drive all day Friday. Get the car sat drive back on Sunday, Hell trip as Jake called it.

Sunset before we hit Vegas, and yes we drove through with out stopping
We made it after a 16 hr drive, only to be locked out of out hotel room at 3:30 am
I love picking my nose and driving

Now for the fun part. So I have been talking and working with this rally shop out of Denver called Salta Motorsports, and they took me out to the rally track to teach me how to drive a bit. The track is called CORE, and its east of Denver. Its a 2.3 mile loop that is surrounded by big sunflowers so its nice and safe. I will be doing a rally race in Steamboat on the 17-20 of sept when I get back from NZ. So pumped. Here are some pics of me going fast.

Ripping, me and co-driver Conor Mcdermot
My coach, Brian Moody
Thats whats up