3,5 hours session straight! My body is dead beat, but I had the time of my life. 20 skiers and sick skiing went down in Lillehammer tonight. Just another night at the railpark.

In the end it was me, Even Sigstad, Kim Boberg and Lars-HÃ¥kon Hafsal… I had 40-50 tries straight, just to get my 270 pretzel 270… I am not a pro when it comes to urban-style rails.  This rail was 11 meters long, downrail. The pipe is not the large kind you find in parks. 1 inch thick, and a whole lot of tries to the the tricks right. Even sigstad killed it with lip 270 pretzel 270’s, Switch in, 270s both ways… Lars had the sickest 450 tries… Do I have do say more?

Good night, I am out of energy.