Sunday turned out to be an epic day at the 1st Annual King of Bales Rails.They were calling for warm weather and rain, however we got some blue sky, snow, warm weather a great turn out. The event brought in known locals from Ontario's park scene and some others from all over the city.

For the set up we had a flat down box with a small gap and a 15ft. down rail. Participants were definitely stoked on the set up. Some of the participants couldn't believe that the tiny hill even existed in Toronto.

Evolve Chile camper and Toronto local, Alex M, grooming the take off.

Evolve Snow Camps Mark Hunt was the judge for the day. Check out Block 9 Media when you get a chance.

The dreaded hike. 45 minute open jam was the name of the game.

The flat down was nothing too crazy, but participants definitely had their fun on it.

Kris Clement broke his ski during warm up but managed to hold it down on a borrowed pair.

Parents were also there to support many of the participants.

Who said snowblades are not rad. This guy was the real deal.

DJ Shiv from was holding it down on the 1's and 2's. If you want to learn how to spin definitely check them out.

Matt Dussault holding it down as MC.

Under 15 Final Standings:

1. Luke Scheerle

2. Ollie Bales

3. Joel Sider, grabbin some swag from Corbetts,

17+ Final Standings:

1. Max Vidricaire

2. Cameron Keith

3. Kris Clement

Two dates will be announced for next years 2nd Annual Battle of Bales Rails. Stay tuned and if you are thinking making the endless winter a reality, join us at EVOLVE CHILE.

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