You are all invited to the 6th Annual Extreme SkiJor 2024 in Wallace, Idaho. Riders are towed behind a tracked ATV through the streets of historic downtown Wallace where a pro-level streetstyle course awaits. This is a three day event:

Friday, February 16, 2024, 7 pm, Rail Jam. Easy line is a 12’ flat rail and a 20’ fun box. Hard line is a 15’ rainbow rail and a 18’ down-flat-down rail. Four divisions: ski, snowboard, women ($250 1st place, $150 2nd, $100 3rd); and youth U-17 ($200 1st, $125 2nd, $75 3rd). This is a hike jam format. Get your lazy self to the top of the drop.

Saturday, February 17, 1 pm, Streetstyle Qualifiers. Tracked ATVs tow skiers and boarders into the streetstyle course which consists of a 25' money booter jump, followed by two features from the rail jam.

Sunday, February 18, 1 pm, Streetstyle Finals. Top riders from Saturday qualifiers compete in two divisions (ski and snowboard) for swag and cash ($1,000 1st place, $500 2nd, $250 3rd). Top female earns $500.

$20 entry

Format: snowboarders and skiers in the same two heats but have their own divisions. Standard slopestyle judging criteria, with an additional "crowd pleaser" category.

Event is held in the streets of "Lawless" Wallace, Idaho, where the beer is cold, the women are strong, the mountains are steep and the salads are green. Bring enough cash for your bail bond.

Celebrity legend Jeff Derbyshire IS EXPECTED at the event! Bring a sharpie and have Jeff sign your t-shirt, bare chest, or your baby.

Discounted lodging available for registered riders. Sign up at

Hit us up for more details: