We won't bore you with specifics. We'll get right to the point. We're a crew. No, no we're not a crew. We're a concept. We're girls from all over the world, freeskiers, mountain bikers, snowboarders, cinematographers, photographers, and, well, you get the point. We've collided, joined forces, and grown a considerable amount in the last few months.

In 2004, Royal Ski Candy was the name of a crew, consisting of a few girls in Sweden and Switzerland who love to ski. Over the past two years, we've recruited team members from all over North America and Europe who excel in whatever they do.

The newschool team:

Ida Amble- Norway

Ashley Battersby- USA

Anja Gardli- Norway

Sofie Windstedt- Sweden

Rebecka Eriksson- Sweden

Jenny Liljegren- Sweden

Trine Dalberg- Denmark

Nastasia Bach- Switzerland

Franca Frautschi- Switzerland

Cathrin Johansson- Sweden

Kayla Mann- Canada

Olivia Akerley- USA

Courtney Royce- USA

MC Waryas- Canada

Helen Nadig- Switzerland

Media Crew:

Stephanie Vicente- Canada

Emma Christersson- Sweden

Tatiana Kernen- Switzerland

And a special thanks goes to Max, our webmaster who takes care of our website: http://www.royalskicandy.com

Take a look at the website for interviews with the girls, dope shots, and other specific details you may want to know. Also, stop by http://www.myspace.com/royalskicandygirls and if you're a myspace dweller, add us as your friend!

Royal Ski Candy, with the help of the Demonium Crew, would also like to turn your heads to our first major event. An open slopestyle jam session, Monster Park Open, in Switzerland on the glacier Diablerets 3000. Riders from all over the globe will compete against each other on Saturday, November 25th. This will be the first major comp to take place on the glacier since its new owners. The park is in great hands.

To know more about the event, go to http://www.monsterpark.ch or email crew@royalskicandy.com

Also, be sure to check out the press release for this event right here on Newschoolers. It should be up within a day.

We'd also like to thank Ethan Stone and Doug Bishop for all of their help.

Much love,

RSC xo