JON 5′10” 160 LBS

SAGA : Saga sent size medium anomie suit. The coat and pants are clearly “saga” tagged outlining proper care and notable features. Customer Service was on point. The suit is real comfortable, easily maintains a cozy temperature even on more aggressive days. SAGA suit has no damage on it after about 30 days. Saga suit (M) weighs 2.35 kilograms (5.2 pounds)

+Awesome fit & low bulk , full range of movement,  great breathability, fleece lined on butt, cross flow venting on pant, always comfy temps aside from constant (45 plus minutes) hiking

- pants pocket zippers not h20 proof, not the best collar for storm skiing tested, its real low (unless the hood is up)


TREW: TREW Sent size large pow funk / trewth bib. Trew tag outlines all notable features. The company was  easy to get ahold of, listing all kinds of contact information on their website. At first glance the suit reminded me of  carhart meets arcteryx. Then reminded me of saga eggnog top with scuba accent and shitake pant.  Great temperature regulation. The TREW suit has no damage with about 20 days on it so far. The suit has no liner (like most 3L) but has a soft fleece-ish coating to the inner fabric, also has fleeced knees. TREW suit weighs 2.63 kilograms (5.8 pounds)

+Bad-ass construction, great fit, use of top of the line materials and construction is VERY obivious, nearly indestructable pant cuffs, stiff high collar, superior resistance to water, great breathability, full range of movement

- i cant wear the bibs down or they fall off , there is no waist adjustment.  The indestructable pant cuff makes a real loud swooshing when ski touring, fly is not long enough on bib


LDC: Great customer service. My emails were responded to within days. Even around the holidays. The tags are lacking, the only information is size and color. Jacket says color black, but its brown. Suit fits well for how large it is. LDC suit weighs 2.90 kilograms (6.4 pounds)

+ Great water resistance, suit is the warmest tested, giant waist but adjusted to my 32″ waist with velcro straps, lots of storage,

- too baggy for me,  warmest tested (too hot to hike or sidestep even 15 minutes in) fleece liner seems to miss crucial areas (butt) but it is on upper leg, have had problems with jacket zipper    a. its on the ladies side (left)    b. it comes undone easily from the bottom