SEVEN4 Society

Named after the address of the original RMU garage and factory. 74 was a place for friends to try the latest from RMU and push our products with ideas and innovations. It is the members of the club who shaped our company and our culture.


Our membership is designed to lower the entry cost into skiing. The industry is seeing a decline in total skier numbers worldwide and as gear and lift tickets continue to climb access to our sport is becoming harder and harder for the average person. RMU is working to change this. Thus the SEVEN4 Society was born.

Member perks!

As RMU is hosting all members we can now maintain much better communication with our customers. Thus all members will receive monthly deals at our two retail locations, such as Apres discounts or in store specials. We will be offering exclusive first access to new products and any new skis to all members as well as options for R and D feedback.

How does it work?

You get new skis every season at a discount. You simply pick the products you would like from RMU and pick the tier of membership you want. As a new member your skis will ship by the time the snow flies in the fall. You ski them all year, with whatever binding you want until the snow melts. Members then receive the updated models and you replace your old ski for a new one.

Product lifecycle.

In a traditional product lifecycle our customers purchase a product and utilize it for one season. The brands constantly evolve technology and product design ultimately making the product outdated. Instead of this product seeing new life, it sits in the closet or garage for 10 years and collects dust.

Under the membership model you ship us your old ski at the end of the season and we ship you a new updated model as soon as they are ready. Yes, you heard that right! You’ll get new skis each season. But it gets better, rather than have your old skis collect dust we can now also donate these to people looking to get into the sport. Creating a life cycle that progresses skiing into the future.

About RMU:

RMU Outdoors is an employee-owned brand that values sustainable innovation and maximizing opportunities for outdoors endeavors through creation of thoughtful and authentic adventure products.