Losing a colleague can be tough. Losing a friend is never easy. Yesterday I lost my friend and partner in crime of the last 7 years. My friend traveled with me from Montana to Montreal to Keystone to countless other North American locations. Together we wrote stories and processed photos featuring the likes of Tanner Hall, Jon Olsson, Warren Miller, Colby West, Lynsey Dyer, Giray Dadali, and many more. Of course I'm talking about my laptop, the good 'ol 12 inch Powerbook. It helped me write countless articles that the good folks on NS and Freeskier have enjoyed (I hope) for years.

On the job-site together at IF3 - Mike and the Powerbook G4R.I.P. Old Buddy. You'll be missed......for about five seconds. I'm happy to announce I'm now using my brand spankin' new 15 inch MacBook Pro to write blogs, articles, and such! Just to show how stoked I am here's my first picture taken with the built in iSight camera taken from my hell hole of an office:
Notice Mike's "fuzzy head" haircutRest in Hell Powerbook, I've got a new baby girl to e-shack up with!-Rogge