With world class training facilities and a top notch education program it is no wonder that Windells Academy is getting the attention of students from all around the globe. This semester, we had a trial student join us from Quebec City. Alex Beaulieu-Marchand, 16 shares his experiences with the Academy.

Alex sending it at Windells Camp this summer!

WA: Alex, you?ve joined us all the way from Quebec City, Canada! What brings you to Windells Academy?

Alex: ?This summer I came to Windells Camp to ski. During my session I had Coach Liam Downey who told me about Windells Academy. I had a great time during the summer and came back to see what it was like to go to school and ski.?

WA: You?ve gone through the everyday motions of an Academy student during your stay here; early morning work outs, shredding all day, attending school and afternoon activities. What do you think of our busy schedule?

Alex: ?I love it! Every day you get to ski, go to class and go to BOB to use the trampolines. Everything is here!?

WA: How does Windells Academy compare to high schools at home?

Alex: ?You don?t have the aspect of a traditional classroom but you have facilities like the trampolines, air bags and dry slopes here all the time. You can progress a lot faster. I?ve worked on a bunch of new rail tricks since I have been here. You have class time but even more opportunities progress in skiing.?

WA: What else did you get to do during your stay here?

Alex: ?Windells Academy travels to industry trips so I got to see the Lib Tech Factory. That was so cool! I also got to go to the movies on the weekend, chill in BOB and hangout with everyone. I like everyone here and made new friends.?

WA: What does the future hold for Alex Beaulieu-Marchand?

Alex: ?I want to come back to Windells Camp this summer and ski! I?d like to compete this year, maybe in some Free Flow Tours. I had a great time with the Academy and want to come to school here. Merci Windells,au plaisir de vous revoir bientôt! (Thank you Windells! I will see you soon!)?.

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