At Momentum Ski Camps, the #1 priority is putting together an experienced, committed and inspirational coaching crew. Your coaches take part in afternoon activities, evening video review sessions, join you for meals and stay at the camp hotel -- their enthusiasm is infectious and you’ll enjoy getting to know them both on and off the mountain. Best of all? You will ski with a different coach each day, so you can benefit from all their knowledge and different coaching styles.

Rotating through coaches on a daily basis allows you to connect with at least six very talented coaches every week. Each of Momentum’s coaches are unique and may have a different method or style to communicate and teach. This also applies to campers, who often have different ways of learning. By exposing each camper to six different coaches it increases the likelihood that they will really click with a coach. It's this stronger connection that truly accelerates the learning process.


Momentum has used this formula for over 25 years and have seen many campers following in their coaches’ footsteps to win X-Games, World Cup and Olympic medals themselves. The best part is they often come back full circle as the new mentors! We reached out to a few of our favourite Whistler regulars to get their thoughts on what makes Momentum so great.

The Coaching Crew

“We target the best skiers in the world first - major competition medallists, or the top pros from the film world. Second, we vet them on their positive energy and people skills. Not only are we looking for awesome talent, we are looking for mentors and role models who posses this extra stoke factor to really motivate and inspire the campers. To vet the new guys we simply use our existing coaches to help in the selection process, they all know each other, are friends and therefore make an even better team.” - John Smart // Founder of Momentum Ski Camps

"I've been to a lot of different ski camps and Momentum really stands out on top. The involvement of the coaches is unlike any other camp, from coaching on the hill to video review and off hill activities we are there to make sure every camper has the best week of their life. The coaches are just as excited to be there as the campers and all that positivity is what makes Momentum such an amazing camp. It's the place to be this summer!” - Sandy Boville // Head Coach Momentum Ski Camps

The Coach Mentality

“I am always really just excited to meet a whole new wave of fired up skiers. It's really refreshing for me to actually meet the genuine people who get so stoked on what I do and it's a pleasure to meet and shred with them! With new campers each day it really gives me the opportunity to get to know almost all of the people who come through Momentum each year, which I think is really important because at the end of the day we have a small industry and I really feel like summer camp is one of the best ways to connect with the coregroup, passionate young'ns (and old'ns) that truly keep the sport I love alive.” - James “Woodsy” Woods // Coach & X Games Gold Medalist

“I like to talk to the campers first to make sure everyone is stoked for the day ahead and I try to be in the best mood as possible so that everyone's having a blast. I always ski my best when everyone is having fun, so I hope it spreads onto the campers! All us coaches have unique and different ways we do our tricks, so if one coaches techniques don’t work for the individual camper, the next coach could have all the right secrets that work for you.” - Joss Christensen // Coach & Olympic Gold Medalist

“My mentality when going into a day of coaching is to have fun, keep things positive and help every girl learn something new.” - Anna Segal // Coach & X Games Gold Medalist

“I have a passion for skiing and I've always been stoked on sharing that with the kids by helping them with their goals while having fun on the most beautiful place in the world. I like to think that when I coach, I’m motivated, funny and filled with passion -- which is the kids want to see and live while their out at camp.” - Paul Bergeron // Coach & Movie Producer, Director, and Editor

The Park

“I love Momentum's park. Everybody is pushing themselves in their own zones, learning tricks and stoked. The rail line is great to warm up on, the medium jumps are great for learning, and the big jumps usually goes off every sunny day. Not to mention the bag jumps, which are always a great way for campers to dial in new tricks safely. The overall vibes in the park are great.” - Matt Walker // Coach & Co-Founder of SLVSH

“Summer skiing is the time of the year to try new tricks, whether it's a new flip, a grab, a rail trick, or whatever else, there's no better place than Momentum to comeback home with some fresh new tricks in your bag. That's why I'm always so stoked to go back!” - Vincent Gagnier // Coach & X Games Gold Medalist

“Momentum is perfect for learning because campers can practice new tricks on our trampoline and water ramps, then take them to one of the two airbag jumps on the glacier. When they're feeling fully confident they can take them to snow, making it a super safe progression.” - Anna Segal

“The lane is maintained by a team of hard-working and talented diggers that do an incredible job. There are jumps and rails of every size, so finding the right feature to learn new tricks on is easy -- it really has options for all skill levels.” - Paul Bergeron

“My favorite part of coming to momentum every summer is getting slvshy sessions on the big jump with fast laps on the T-bar!” - Joss Christensen


Camp starts with a bang on June 9th with Adult Only Week // June 17th is Family Week, for both youth and adults // Film and Phography Camp takes place June 24th // Girls Week starts July 2nd in session 4, which is open to both boys and girls // More info at