We met Kai Mahler while playing League of Legends the other day. Turns out he does triples there as well! We grabed the opportunity for a Q&A with the carving boss from Switzerland!

First off, gotta ask about what we all wonder about. You’ve been tearing up the parks with a mixture the massive tricks we’re used to see in competition with some playful “new wave” flavor added to them. Will we see a tripod landing in X Games or the Olympics this season? How to you imagine the judges would respond to something like that?

- Haha, I mean if the jump allows it! I’m really wondering what the judges would do. But yeah we will see ^^


What do you do when you aren't skiing?

- Hang with friends, skate, lil bike action and video games for sure.

Favorite LoL Champ?

- Probably go with Lucian ma n**** :)

Which artists should we make sure to add to our playlists for this season?

- If you like some different type of trap, more like Akon, then you should check out Swaghollywood!

Who’s you favorite Instagram account?

- I would say Hyun Kummer’s account more known @versace_plug

If you want to ski in Switzerland this winter, where is the place to be?

- For park, either Laax or Davos are probably the best.

We gotta talk some Big Air and X Games. You’ve been at it since 2012, always among the few fighting for the top spot. The progression from then has been pretty insane. Back then you did switch double mistys and doublecorks, last year, it did not seem like the jump was big enough for your carving triple 16’s. How intense is that competition? How do you keep up?

- Well it got crazy really quick, so I tried to do my stuff cleaner and smoother instead of adding a 2nd grab or something. I don’t ski for the points anymore, I try to show what I think is nice and different, even if it’s just in a small way.

Most certainly one of the highlights of the season is to see what you guys throw down at the Big Air at X, what are your predictions for this season? Do you have any new moves yourself? Do you think they need to build a bigger jump?

- Mhm, I got some stuff on my mind for sure, but the jump was always big enough. If you really wanna quad it, it’s possible. So, I hope it stays like this. The only thing is that speed was always kinda of an issue.

4 medals, but the gold is missing, how much do you want that piece of shiny metal?

- GIMME PLS GIMME. Jk :) I’ll show what I think could deserve a gold medal and then they can decide^^lul

https://www.newschoolers.com/videos/watch/880541/Kai-Mahler-wins-Men--39-s-Ski-Big-Air-bronzeCover: Silvano Zeiter / Red Bull Content Pool