What’s up Newschoolers? After a wonderful Memorial Day weekend comprised of barbeques, time with family and friends, and even some cliff jumping, we are back at camp working hard again. A lot has been happening since our last update when we showed you our plans for the new Ohio Dreams Rail Yard. Over the past few days we have been moving dirt and assembling steel framing so that we can start to transform our plans into the real thing. Check out the pictures below to see how things are starting to come together.

Our new toys for the next 2 weeks, having just arrived
This is a view from the bottom of our BMX race training facility. This is getting torn down to make room for our new rail yard and will be rebuilt in a different location closer to the BMX track. The drop in will be to the left of the water ramp hill in the distance.
This is a view from what will be the top of the drop in for the rails.
Looking down from above as the old BMX jumps get flattened
The hill for the in run is starting to take shape.
J.J. moving some dirt in the Cat D6K bulldozer
One of our friends, Austin Schroeder, came over and helped us out by doing some work in the skid steer.
Looking up the hill as the in run continues to grow
Our buddy B.J. who is the owner/operator of Creative Contracting Services showed up the other day. B.J. has done a bunch of work for us in the past and is very talented when it comes to building just about anything out of dirt. He is also just a really cool guy and will be here at camp for the next few weeks helping to build the Rail Yard and a new BMX race training facility along with some modifications to our BMX track and trails.
B.J. got right to work and after only 4 hours in the dozer and skid steer he had finished the rough grade on the entire first half of the hill.
Looking down from the top deck at the first section of the hillSo now that you have seen the dirt we have been moving, let me explain exactly how the Ohio Dreams Rail Yard is being constructed. The dirt hill will serve as a rough platform, a sub-structure, for the rail yard. The angles and distances of the hill that are shown on the blueprint in the previous update, will first be formed out of dirt and then out of steel framing. The steel structure consists of sections that will be assembled on the dirt hill and then covered with plywood to form the platform. The takeoffs and jibs will then be built out of wood and set on the platform which will be covered with mSnow. The steel framing comes in precut lengths and our first task is to screw everything together.
…and more steel…
…and 30 lbs. of screws (it’s heavier than it looks).
Assembling the first few sections of framing
Chris and Addison screw a center brace bracket in place.Yours truly using a grinder to get rid of an overhanging center brace on one of the 32 ft sections
The stack of framed sections keeps growing…
…and the pile of supplies keeps shrinking.
My Mtn. Ranks (mtnranks.com) flat brim hat holding it down on the stack of remaining cross braces.Last but not least in this update, I want to inform all of you of an exclusive deal that we are offering to all NS members. Anyone who has a Newschoolers username and signs up for camp between now and June 15th will get a $100 discount towards any camp session of their choice. Simply include your username on your camp application and your camp price will be reduced from $850 to $750.I think that’s about it for now, we still have a ton of building to be done and will continue to keep all of you updated with our progress. Thanks for reading and we hope to see you here at Ohio Dreams later this summer.-Brendan TriebFreeski Director/Head Counselor

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